I’d like to share this ‘typical wanderer’ experience trip at Bataan last Sunday, October 31 2016 with my Mt. Gulugod Squad. All photographs are taken by yours truly. And commute lang ginawa namin dahil mga timawa lang kami haha charot.

So we depart from Manila (Bataan Transit, Avenida terminal) at exactly 5:00 in the morning and arrived at Balanga Terminal at 8:30am.

We had our sidetrip to  Mt. Samat first before proceeding to Las Casas. So upon arriving at Balanga Terminal, we rode a jeepney bound for Cabog-Cabog and the driver drop us at the intersection of Diwa, Pilar, Bataan.


We arrived at the intersection and we chose to hire a tricycle. Actually, you can hike pero dahil sa sobrang init nung time na to, talagang mapapa-tricycle ka lol. Fare is 100pesos one way. So the back and forth trip costs 200pesos. Tricycle ride was 10-15 minutes.



Reaching Mt. Samat

Entrance fee in Mt. Samat is 30 pesos. Before going, we left our bags in the tricycle and our driver ensured that our belongings will be safe. So we only brought our important stuff like cameras, cellphones and wallet.


FRIENDLY ADVICE: Bring umbrella, malong, cap or apply sunblock! Kakaloka dahil nakakahigop ng lakas yung init ng araw nung time na to at cap lang ang dala ko huhu and buti naisipan ko talaga mag long-sleeve.  So ayun, mag-apply na din ng sunblock kung ayaw niyo umitim dahil sure ball na iitim ka talaga dito. (( 15 minutes lang ako nababad sa araw, para na akong nagbeach ))


Actually, we really have no idea on whats in Mt. Samat until I heard people talking that this is the so called, ‘Dambana ng Kagitingan’ – a national shrine dedicated to the fallen Filipino and American fallen during World War II. Upon hearing that, it just feels so good that I set foot on this historical place which I only saw on our History textbooks when I was in high school. 👍🏻👌🏻

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Yung gusto naming ma-achieve ang instagrammable na pic pero di kinekeri kasi ang init talaga hahahhaah

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The view!!! ✨💙


After the stroll, photo op and chill, we decided to head out as the sun rays are getting stronger. It was 11:30am at that time. So we got back to the tricycle and arranged our stuff then head back to the intersection. We found a nearest Carinderia and decided to stay there for our early lunch.


After eating, we waited a minibus bound for Bagac. This was a long wait as the locals said that the interval of this bus trip is at every 1 hour or almost an hour. So while waiting, we rest and regained our energy from our Mt. Samat trip and tell stories of what’s happening on our careers and life wahaha.



After 40 minutes, finally there was a minibus! We’d like to thank the Carinderia owner as she was the one who hailed it. Sobrang busy ba naman kami magkwentuhan kaya di namin napansin na may dumaan na. At kung hindi pa kami makakasakay non, another 4o minutes na naman siguro maghihintay. Hinabol namin yung bus dahil medyo nalagpasan kami wahahahaha

And yes, standing ovation kami haha pero idk ah, we liked this part of the trip kahit nakatayo lang kami. Siguro dahil presko yung tanawin sa labas, cool rural vibes and pakikipagsapalaran na talaga ginagawa namin. Weekend Wanderer feels lol. We also talked to some locals there. They are kind and approachable to some tourists.


We dropped off at the Bagac town and rode a tricycle to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar for 30 pesos.


One word to describe Las Casas – MAJESTIC!

Ms. Coleen was right. This place is aesthetically beautiful in every corner.




We availed the 999php day tour, inclusive of heritage tour, welcome drinks, entrance fee and access of beach. For more info, you can visit the site of Las Casas Filipinas for their rates or contact them via text message or phone – 09178729361  /  (02) 332 5338


This place is really mesmerizing… Yung feeling na parang wala kami sa Pilipinas, aesthetics everywhere, super awed by the architectural details of the houses, art and history appreciation… Ugh I just felt exhilarated on seeing these! Feeling ko nasa Barcelona ako nung time na to. Sobrang ganda talagaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

P.S. sobrang saya na namin dito dahil na-achieve na namin ang instagrammable photos whahahaah charot









Sayang lang dahil wala kaming dala na panligo. But the view was all worth it! Had our photo op and watched the sunset. Most favorite part of this trip…  I think ♡





  • (At dahil commute lang) You should leave Las Casas on or before 6:00pm if you want to catch the last trip of the minibus bound to Balanga Terminal. 7:20pm is the last trip.
  • Same way lang din pag uuwi. Time management lang talaga. Tricycle → Mini-bus bound to Balanga → Bus bound to Manila (Genesis or Bataan Transit)




  • Bus roundtrip Php400 (Php200 oneway)  // Php320 if discounted   (Php160 oneway)
  • Bagac Minibus roundtrip – Php70   (Php35 oneway)
  • Tricycle to Mt. Samat roundtrip – Php200   (Php100 oneway)
  • Tricycle to Las Casas from Bagac town roundtrip – Php60   (Php30 oneway)
  • Entrance Fee to Mt. Samat – Php30
  • Las Casas – Php1000
  • Food/Lunch – Php250 or above

TOTAL :  Php2,010  |  Php1,930 if discounted



  • From Cubao Terminal or Avenida Terminal, ride a bus bound to Balanga City at Genesis Liner or Bataan Transit
  • Get off at Balanga Terminal and ride a mini bus to Bagac Town
  • Get off at Bagac Town and ride a Tricycle to Las Casas



  • From Cubao Terminal or Avenida Terminal, ride a bus bound to Balanga City at Genesis Liner or Bataan Transit
  • Get off at Balanga Terminal and ride a jeepney bound for Cabog-Cabog and drop off at the intersection to Mt. Samat at Diwa, Pilar, Bataan
  • Hike or hire tricycle for a fee of 100pesos
  • Entrance Fee is 30pesos



5:00am – ETD to Bataan (Bus)

9:00am – Arrival at Balanga Terminal

9:00 to 9:30am – Jeepney bound for Cabog-Cabog to Pilar Intersection

9:30 to 11:00 – Mt. Samat trip

11:30am – Early lunch

12:30pm – Arrival to Las Casas

1:30 to 2:30pm – Heritage Tour

2:30 to 4:30pm – Explore and photowalk to your hearts content wahaha

4:30 to 6:00pm – Beach overlooking, watching sunset

6:30pm – ETD from Las Casas to Bagac Town via Tricycle

7:00 to 7:20pm – Waiting for minibus bound to Balanga Terminal

7:20pm – ETD from Bagac

8:00pm – Arrival at Balanga Terminal

8:15pm  – ETD to Manila


Super thanks to this awesome squad! Wahaha more drawings to come! Nakulayan din to sa wakas   XD  (Sheryl Tuazon, Ranette Pellazar, Janine Barredo)

Also, super thanks to Miss Coleen for sharing the beauty of her blog and inspired me to make a blog post about this trip. For more detailed activities to be done on Las Casas, read her post here.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions 🙂

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